Black on Black

It’s a beautiful summer day and all I can think about are all black outfits for fall. Black doesn’t have to be boring. Try mixing textures and lengths and creating interesting layers.

Black 1From RMGBlack 2From sacramento streetBlack 3From TheyAllHateUSBlack 4From TheyAllHateUsBlack 6

From Polyvore


McAllen Public Library

This is a feel good story.

The Texan town, McAllen, knows how to make any bookworm feel all warm and fuzzy. After Walmart shut its doors, leaving 124,500 square feet empty, the town converted the space into what is now the largest single-story library in the States. As if this transformation of abandoned commercial real estate into a useful community space isn’t enough, there’s more than enough modern architectural elements to make any design enthusiast happy. Check out PSFK for more photos.





Delicate Jewellery

I don’t wear jewellery very often and the few pieces I do wear tend to all be very simple, delicate designs. I guess the truth is I’m just lazy. I don’t want to spend time thinking about matching my jewellery to my outfits but I do like that the right piece can take an outfit from average to amazing. Below are a few of the pieces I’ve been coveting recently.

Jewelery 1From hannahnaomi on Etsy

Jewelery 2From Need Supply Co.

Jewelery 3From Catbird

Jewelery 4Also from Catbird

Jewelery 5

This is one of my absolute favourites! From Macha

Jewelery 6From Andrea Bonelli